Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Meja: Potential venue for bird watching in Manokwari

Freddy Pattiselanno

Lektor Kepala pada Mata Kuliah Budidaya Aneka Ternak dan Satwa di Jurusan Produksi Ternak Fakultas Peternakan Perikanan & Ilmu Kelautan Universitas Negeri Papua

Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Meja (TWGM) located in 134o03’17” – 134o04’05” E and 0o51’29” – 0o52’59” S, is one of unique protected area in Papua, categorized as lowland tropical rainforest represented holotype forest area in the coastal site of the northern Papua. Previous studies conducted at Gunung Meja explored the flora fauna potential distributed and found in this area.

In particular, Mogea & Wiriadinata (1997) found six species orchids and 3 species rattan; Sikirit (1998) indicated about 35 species paku-pakuan while Dwiyanto (1995) has noted the presence of 65 families of bird species at Gunung Meja as well. The survey of Dwiyanto has been followed up and found different results of bird’s diversity in Gunung Meja.

Refers to earlier studies, we then performed a practice of Animal Ecology subject by students from Animal Production Department at Gunung Meja. The activity not only trains students to collect potential information of diurnal bird in Gunung Meja, but also needs to confirm the possibility to establish tracks for bird watching in this site.  Bird observation was performed twice a day, early in the morning between 05.00-07.00 am and late in the afternoon between 04.00-06.00pm.  An additional observation was also carried out in two different observation points (1) 15m asl 134o04’359”E and 00o50’753”S and (2) 17m asl 134o04’485”E and 00o50’981”S.  Birds were observed with the aid of Bushnell binocular 10×50, and identified using the taxonomic description from Rand and Gilliard (1967) and Beehler, et al., (2001).

Forty five species belong to twenty two families were recorded during the survey, 32 species along the transect line, 22 species at point 1 and 27 species at point 2. Previous study on avifauna at the similar relative location,  indicated that approximately 15 families represented 35 bird species were recorded, 14 were endemic species and 21 species non-endemic (Dwiyanto, 1995) and roughly 20 families composed of 35 species encountered during a series of observation published by the Forest Research Institute of Manokwari (Leppe and Tokede, 2006).

Various results gathered from previous surveys conducted to the relative similar location may due to different methods and vocal point in observing the bird species.   Therefore using vocal recorded to support the data collection is important, because birds in tropical rainforest are difficult to observe. According to Beehler and Mack (1998) vocal repertoires and local dialects are vital in identifying bird.

From this study we found that Gunung Meja is potential to develop as bird watching site in Manokwari.  In fact, the areas of Gunung Meja have been degraded from along time, since it was opened as agriculture sites, road as well as settlement. However, to a certain extent, particular trail can be possibly developed for bird watching activity.  For example, in this study we approach different transect from UNIPA’s settlement and Ayambori.  We acknowledged other possible track from Pasir Putih and Brawijaya that might be useful to attract bird watcher to see bird species of Gunung Meja.


Note:  Complete article has been published, for citation please refers to: Pattiselanno, F, J.F. Koibur, H. Manik & A.Y.S. Arobaya. 2011. Diurnal birds (Animalia: Aves) in the area of Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Meja, Manokwari, West Papua. Biota Vol. 16(1): 153-156, February 2011.

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