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Indigenous pig management in West Papua

Freddy Pattiselanno, Sangle Y. Randa, Deny A. Iyai & Alnita Baaka

Animal Science Department Universitas Negeri Papua Manokwari 98314 West Papua, Indonesia

Why farms with pigs?

Farmers acknowledge the value that livestock in general and pigs in particular offer. They require relatively low labor inputs, feed on and recycle tree leaves, grass and crop residues and (household) waste products, provide fertilizer for home gardens and act as a capital investment that can be used in emergencies. Pigs are particularly valuable because they are very fertile, give families social status and play an important role in cultural and traditional rituals. They are frequently offered as “bride price” and valued as a barter object. Pigs also play an important role in the communities’ farming system (Pattiselanno, 2004b).

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Reconciling biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation

Freddy Pattiselanno (Fakultas Peternakan Perikanan & Ilmu Kelautan); Agustina Y.S. Arobaya (Fakultas Kehutanan) Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari

Over the last decade the conservation of biodiversity has become an objective of international conventions, national governments, state agencies, nongovernmental organizations, local communities, school clubs, and individuals. Enormous opportunities have set up to fund conservation as an integral part of global warming mitigation, and billions of dollars have also spent in the name biodiversity. Continue reading

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