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The most importance Ts in hunting: special references from Indonesian New Guinea

Freddy Pattiselanno (Animal Science Laboratory FPPK UNIPA Manokwari)

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  • Traditional hunting techniques are highly accommodated (spear, trap, arrow and bow, dog)
  • Weapons are mostly constructed using forest’s materials such as elastic plants, bamboo, plant’s leaves and fibres
  • Combination of more than one technique is usually used in performing hunting

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Hunting or not hunting: understanding livelihood production at the Bird’s Head Peninsula

Freddy Pattiselanno (Animal Science Laboratory Universitas Negeri Papua, Manokwari)

Wildlife hunting not only provides nutrition and economic value to communities, it may also offer other forms of income generation. Some wild animals are hunted to obtain medicine for human therapies and other traditional uses as well. Furthermore, wild animals are hunted to obtain trophies (most often skins, teeth, antlers and horns) that are used as cultural artefacts or for personal adornment.
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