Curriculum Vitae

Name :  Freddy Pattiselanno

Date of birth :  7 February 1967

Nationality :  Indonesian

Home Address :  Perumahan Dosen UNIPA Jl. Amban Pantai No. 41 Manokwari 98314 Papua Barat

Office Address :  2nd Floor Animal Science Laboratory Universitas Papua or Biodiversity Research Center, Right Wing, Second Row-Rektorat Lama  Universitas Papua, UNIPA Campus, Jl. Gunung Salju Amban Manokwari, Papua Barat 98314-INDONESIA

Email Address :;

Mobile: + 62 822 4891 5968; + 62 822 3794 6333

Current Position :

  • Associate Professor in Animal Science Faculty,  Universitas Papua
  • Head of the Institute for Research and Community Services, Universitas Papua

Research Interest

As my background is animal science, study on animal production is the major area of my study particularly on the traditional swine management related to the environment aspect and the integrated agriculture in broad sense.  Currently I am working in the wildlife ecology (mostly mammalian: deer, cuscus and other potential wild animals) raised in captivity condition.  I am also involved in the study of wildlife utilization (hunting practices) in concerned with threats to biodiversity, food security aspect, and local livelihood.


Master of Science (October 2001-April 2004) in Animal Production Division, Institute of Animal Science, with Minor program on Wildlife Management at the Department of Forest Biological Science College of Forestry and Natural Resources University of Philippines Los Baños, PHILIPPINES.

My thesis entitled “Assessment of Rusa Deer (Cervus timorensis Muller and Schlegel) utilization in upland Kebar Grassland, West Papua, Indonesia.” I worked under the supervision of Ulysses M. Lustria, PhD, Angel Lambio, PhD and Roberto Rubio, PhD. I investigated deer population in related to carrying capacity of the grassland. The botanical composition of the grassland as the deer habitat and deer utilization through hunting as well as the threats on deer population were also studied.

Bachelor Science (1985-1990) from Faculty of Animal Science Universitas Sam Ratulangi, Manado North Sulawesi, INDONESIA.

Trainings & Workshops

  1. Training on Laboratory and Fieldwork Safety, 12 October 2010 at the James Cook University, Cairns
  2. Training on Senior First Aid on 26 October 2010 at the James Cook University, Cairns
  3. Training on the International Scientific Writing 22 – 25 October 2009, Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education of Indonesia at Makasar Golden Hotel South Sulawesi.
  4. Workshop: Identification and Publication of Smart Practice 19-20 May 2009, Decentralization Support Facility Eastern Indonesia (SOFEI), Makasar South Sulawesi.
  5. Participatory, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PPM&E) Training Course 2-20 March 2009, Wageningen International, the Netherlands.
  6. Non-degree training on Laboratory Management, Central Laboratory of Life Sciences Brawijaya Uiversity Malang, 9 – 23 December 2008
  7. Short training course on Biosystematics of Vertebrate Animals, Biology Department Universitas Negeri Papua 5-7 September 2005
  8. Participatory Conservation Planning Training, 24 May-2 June 2004 by Conservation Training Resources Center, BIOTROP Campus, Bogor, Indonesia. Block I was designed to describe the Policy in Natural Resources conservation and to introduce the participatory conservation planning followed by the application practice in Gede Pangrango National Park. At the end of the program participants divided in group and discuss about the findings in practical work together with the national park management.  Block II was conducted at the Lore Lindu National Park at Central Sulawesi, where each group presented the results from their work at their home institution as implemented from theory in Block I.


Invited speaker

  • Exotic Menu: Threats to conservation of mammals in Papua. Paper is presented in the International Conference on Biodiversity, Society for Indonesian Biodiversity, Surakarta, 7-8 April 2018
  • Potency and distribution of Papua’s terrestrial biodiversity, Paper is presented in the International Conference on Biodiversity, Eco-tourism and Creative Economy (ICBE) 2016, 7-10 September 2016, Sasana Krida at the Governor Papua Provincial Office, Jayapura, Papua
  • Rusa deer (Cervus timorensis) farming: Utilization or protection? Paper is presented in Multi study on adaptive conservation in Papua, 19 August 2016, Auditorium of Forestry Faculty Universitas Papua, Manokwari.
  • Papua’s wildlife: Yesterday, today and tomorrow, Paper is presented in Noken Ilmu, 16 June 2016, Faculty of Animal Science Universitas Papua, Manokwari
  • The importance of natural resources on local livelihoods in West  Papua: A review, Paper is presented in the introducing of West Papua as Conservation Province, 05 June 2016, Swissbel Hotel, Manokwari


  • Presented paper on International Conference-Society for Indonesian Biodiversity,  by MBI, IPB and UNS, IPB International Convention Center, 29-30 September 2018
  • Presented paper on the 6th Indonesian Regional Science Association International Institute, by IRSA and Faculty of Economy and Business Sam Ratulangi University, Sintesa Peninsula Hotel Manado, North Sulawesi 17-18 July 2017
  • Presented paper on the Conference of Researcher and Bird’s Observers Indonesia (KPPBI) 3, by Udayana University, Denpasar 2-4 February 2017
  • Presented paper on The National Seminar on Wetland by Lambung Mangkurat University, Aria Barito Hotel Banjarmasin, 5 November 2016
  • Presented paper on The National Seminar on Biodiversity, Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Papua, Swissbel Hotel Manokwari, 30 June 2016
  • Presented paper on the 3rd International Conference of Indonesia Forestry Researchers, IPB International Convention Center Bogor, 21-22 October 2015
  • Presented paper on XIV World Forestry Congress, Durban South Africa, 7-11 September 2015
  • Presented paper on the Australian Archaeological Association / Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology Joint Meeting, Cairns, North Queensland 1-3 December 2014
  • Presented paper on the 51st Annual Meeting for the Association of the Tropical Biology and Conservation, Cairns Convention Center, Australia 20-24 July 2014
  • Presented paper on the Institute of Foresters of Australia National Conference at the Canberra Rex Hotel, Australia 7-11 April 2013
  • Presented paper on the Society of Biology Conservation International Conference at Charles Darwin University, Australia 20-23 September 2012
  • Presented paper on the National seminar and special meeting of Indonesian Postgraduate Forum at Universitas Cenderawasih, Jayapura, 18-20 June 2012.
  • Presented paper on the Prospect of Local Livestock Resource National Seminar at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Jenderal Soedriman University, October 15, 2011 in Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia.
  • Presented paper on the 1st Society for Indonesian Biodiversity – International Conference on Biodiversity, 23 – 24 July 2011, hosted by Universitas Sebelas Maret, Solo, Indonesia.
  • Presented poster at the National Seminar on Technology of Livestock and Veterinary, 21-22 August, 2007 hosted by Center for Livestock Research and Development at Ciawi, Bogor.
  • Presented paper on the National Seminar and Agricultural Research Expose, 5-6 June 2007 in collaboration of Papua Province Government, Institute of Agriculture Research and Technology Papua, CIP-SARDI in Jayapura
  • Presented paper on 4th International Seminar on Tropical Animal Production (ISTAP-4) November 8 – 9, 2006, at the Faculty of Animal Science, Gadjah Mada University, Yogjakarta.
  • Presented paper on the National Seminar Conservation Biodiversity for Supporting Sustainable Development, 16 September 2006 at the Biology Department General Soedirman University, Purwokerto
  • Presented poster on the 2nd National Waterfowl Seminar, 16-17 November 2005 at the Institute of Livestock Research and Development, Ciawi, Bogor
  • Presented Paper on the 7th of New Guinea Biological Conference, June 16-18, 2005 at Universitas Cenderawasih Jayapura.
  • Presented Paper on the SEARCA Agriculture and Development Seminar Series, 13 April 2004 at the SEARCA Los Baños The Philippines



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Scientific Popular

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Local and national news paper

  1. Follow up on West Papua as conservation province, Jakarta Post 17 March, 2016
  2. Is oil palm the answer for rural poverty in Papua?, Jakarta Post 9 June, 2015
  3. Road development versus conservation, Jakarta Post 21 May 2015
  4. Protecting small islands = protecting of cuscus habitat in Cenderawasih Bay, Jubi Tabloid, 19 January 2015
  5. The future of Papua’s biodiversity is alarming, Jakarta Post 01 December 2014
  6. The maritime axis: An opportunity for eastern Indonesia, Jakarta Post 27 October 2014
  7. Why we should care about biodiversity conservation, Jakarta Post 25 August 2014
  8. Why bother about marine protected areas? Jakarta Post 28 June 2014
  9. The global center of marine biodiversity in peril, Jakarta Post 31 July 2013
  10. Manado floods, global climate change and sustainable development, Manado Post 9, 11, 12 March 2013
  11. Indigenous people and nature conservation, Jakarta Post 5 January, 2013
  12. Biodiversity, local livelihood and the nature’s conservation.  Jakarta Post 6 November 2012
  13. Road construction and its harmful effects, Jakarta Post 20 April 2012
  14. Bunaken dilemma, between garbage and threats to marine tourism sustainability in North Sulawesi, Manado Post 27 September 2011
  15. Danau Tondano, North Sulawesi’s site inheritance that currently neglected, Manado Post 9 Juli 2011
  16. Mmmhhh…Manado-Minahasa culinary and threats to biodiversity, Manado Post 14 May 2011
  17. Wildlife, food security and poverty, Jakarta Post 16 October 2010
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  20. Animal’s dung: between environment pollution and alternative energy source, Tabloid Jubi 7 May, 2008
  21. Threats to wildlife conservation in Papua, Tabloid Jubi 4 April 2008

Chapter in Book

  1. Pattiselanno, F. 2008. Grazing habitat: indicator of the abundance of Rusa Timor Deer (Cervus timorensis) in the Upland Kebar Grassland, Papua, Indonesia.  In V.K. Gupta and A.K. Verma (Eds)  “Perspective in Animal Ecology and Reproduction” Vol. V. 2008, New Delhi, Daya Publishing, ISBN 81-735-563-2,  476p
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  1. Pattiselanno, F. 2012. Deer (Cervus timorensis) at the highland Kebar West Papua, Indonesia (Deer utilization in Papua). Lambert Acedemic Publishing Heinrich-Böcking-Str. 6-8, 66121, Saarbrücken, Germany;

Academic Awards

  1. Recipient of Australian Development Scholarship for Postgraduate Program at the James Cook University, Cairns, Australia (2010-2014)
  2. Recipient of Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) Course on Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PPM&E) – Learning for Impact at the Wageningen International (March 2009)
  3. Recipient of Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) for Postgraduate Program (Master Degree) in the Institute of Animal Science University of Philippines Los Baños (2001-2003)

Research grants (2000 onward)

  1. Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF) Grant for wildlife biodiversity and conservation project in developing country (2001/2002, 2002/2003).
  2. Research Grant from Collaboration Unit of UNITECH-UNCEN-UPNG (2005)
  3. Grant research for young academician granted by The Directorate of Research and Outreach the National Education (2007)
  4. Fundamental research for academician granted by The Directorate of Research and Outreach the National Education (2009)
  5. Rufford Small Grant for Nature Conservation (Ref: 10569-1) from Rufford Small Grant Foundation (2011).
  6. Seed Fund for Research and Training (SFRT) Program of the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)  (Ref: GCS11-4203) (2012)
  7. Research supporting fund for Environmental study by Papua Barat Province Government (2012)
  8. SEARCA Travel Grants (2013)

Professional Membership

    1. Member of Wildlife Preservation of Australia (WPSA) (2013)
    2. Member of Wild Pig Specialist Group (WPSG) (2013)
    3. Member of Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science (TESS) (2012)
    4. Member of Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFA) (2011)
    5. Member of IUCN-SSC Deer Specialist Group (2011)
    6. Member of Society for Indonesian Biodiversity (MBI) (2010)
    7. Member of International Varanid Interest Group (2008)
    8. Member of IUCN-SSC Megapode Specialist Group (2004)
    9. Member of the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature (PSSN) (2004)
    10. Member of Low External Input & Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA) in Indonesia (2002)
    11. Member of Indonesian Zeolit Association (IZA) (2002)

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