Career (Jabatan Fungsional, Pangkat & Golongan)

A.   Academic Function Career

Asisten Ahli Madya, SK Rektor UNCEN No. 0606/PT23.H/C/1996; 1 Maret 1996

Asisten Ahli, SK Rektor UNCEN No. 1002/PT.23.H/C/1998; 1 Maret 1998

Lektor Muda, SK Rektor UNCEN No. 1091/J20/KP/2000; 1 Maret 2000

Lektor, SK Rektor UNIPA No. 22/J42.AK/KP/2004; 1 Juni 2004

Lektor Kepala, SK Mendiknas No. 64585/A2.7/KP/2006; 1 Desember 2006


B.   Career Rank

Penata Muda III/a, SK No. 2203/PT.23.H15/C/1995, 1 Agustus 1995

Penata Muda Tk. I III/b, SK No. 4242/PT23.H15/C/1990, 1 Oktober 1998

Penata III/c, SK No. 0670/J20/KP/2001, 1 April 2001

Penata Tk. I III/d, SK No. 13/J42/KP.1/2005, 1 April 2005

Pembina IV/a, SK No. 40119/A4.5/KP/2007, 1 April 2007

Pembina Tk. I IV/b, SK No. 56525/A4.5/KP/2009, 1 April 2009

Pembina Utama Muda IV/c, SK No. 57/K/2011, 1 Oktober 2011


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