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  1. Supporting scientist on Management of Game and its Social Aspects (MANGSA) Projects by the Wageningen University (2019)
  2. Supporting scientist (Mammalian) in High Conservation Value Project at Supiori Regency, collaboration research between UNIPA and WWF Papua Program (2018)
  3. Personal in Charge on Survey of The Potency of Biodiversity in Fakfak Regency, collaboration research between Biodiversity Research Center (PPKH) UNIPA and Fakfak Regency Office for Environmental and Land (June-November 2018)
  4. Researcher on the Master Plan for Livestock Development at the Arfak Mountain Regency, collaboration research between UNIPA and Livestock and Veterinary Medicine of West Papua Provincial Office (2017)
  5. Personal In Charge on Review of the importance of natural capital on rural livelihoods in West Papua Province, Conservation International Indonesia & Universitas Papua (May-November 2015)
  6. Researcher on the Feasibility Study of small livestock in Bintuni Bay, collaboration research between UNIPA & LNG Tangguh (2015-2016)
  7. Principal Investigator on the study of wildlife hunting at the Bird’s Head Peninsula, funded by Rufford Small Grants (2011-2012)
  8. Principal Investigator on the study of contribution of wildlife hunting on local livelihood, funded by SEARCA Seed Fund for Research and Training (SFRT) Program (2011-2012)
  9. Researcher on The feasibility study of the development of Mini Feedmill at Sorong Regency in collaboration research between Agriculture & Livestock West Papua Office (Dinas Pertanian & Peternakan Provinsi Papua Barat) and UNIPA (March – October 2010)
  10. Researcher on Investment Potency for Cattle Beef Ranch Development at Bomberay District of Fakfak in collaboration research between Economy and Investment Bureau of West Papua and UNIPA (February – October 2010)
  11. Supervisor of Extension Joint Program for Community Development between Aranday District Government and Center for Extension Services of the Universitas Negeri Papua in Aranday District (August 2005).
  12. Supporting scientist on Collaboration Work between CIP-SARDI and UNIPA in the development of Integrated Sweet Potato-Pig Husbandry System in the Baliem Valley (April 2005).
  13. Team Leader at Mamberamo District for Survey and Mapping on the Natural Resources of Sarmi Regency by Universitas Negeri Papua in providing supporting information for Sarmi Regency development
  14. Principal Investigator on the ecology study of Deer (Cervus timorensis) in West Papua funded by Nagao Natural Environment (NEF) Research Grants Japan (2002-2003)
  15. Research Assistant (Mammals Group) on collaborative survey on Fauna Diversity at Northern Tamrau Highland Natural Reserve between WWF Bioregion Sahul Papua and Forest Research Institute Papua (Juni 2001).
  16. Research Assistant (Mammals Group) on Rapid Biological Assessment by CI Papua Program in Mamberamo River Basin, Papua (August-September 2000). The final program of the training session in enhancing local expert capability in rapid biology study for biodiversity conservation funded by CI Indonesia.
  17. Researcher on Survey of Protected Area in Nabire Regency in Collaborative Research between Environment Research Center of the Universitas Negeri Papua and Forestry Department, Provincial Office of Papua Province (1997).

Grants (2000 onward)

  1. Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF) Grant for wildlife biodiversity and conservation project in developing country (2001/2002, 2002/2003).
  2. Research Grant from Collaboration Unit of UNITECH-UNCEN-UPNG (2005)
  3. Grant research for young academician granted by The Directorate of Research and Outreach the National Education (2007)
  4. Fundamental research for academician granted by The Directorate of Research and Outreach the National Education (2009)
  5. Rufford Small Grant for Nature Conservation (Ref: 10569-1) from Rufford Small Grant Foundation (2011).
  6. Seed Fund for Research and Training (SFRT) Program of the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) (Ref: GCS11-4203) (2012)
  7. Research supporting fund for Environmental study by Papua Barat Province Government (2012)
  8. SEARCA Travel Grants to attend and present a paper in The Institute of Foresters of Australia National Conference, at Rex Hotel in Canberra 7-11 April 2013
  9. Rufford Small Grant for Nature Conservation (Ref: 14707-2) from Rufford Small Grant Foundation (2014).
  10. SEARCA Travel Grants to attend and present a paper in The USR INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON FOOD SECURITY in Emersia Hotel and Resort, Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia, 23-24 August 2016.

Peer Review

  1. Panel member on the review of Biodiversity Research Program at the Forestry Research Institute of Papua in Manokwari, (2017-2019).
  2. Reviewer in Natural Resources Life Sciences International Conference at Surabaya University (November 2017 – January 2018)
  3. Reviewer in Scripta Biologica Journal, Faculty of Biology UNSOED (2017)
  4. Reviewer in Hayati Journal of Bioscience, IPB Bogor (since 2015).
  5. Editorial Advisory Boards Nusantara Bioscience Journal Postgraduate Program Bio-science Department Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta since 2011
  6. Reviewer in Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity published by Biology Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Sebelas Maret University (UNS), Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia (since 2008)

Trainings & Workshops

  1. Workshop and Focused Group Discussion Enabling Time Critical and Policy Driven Wildlife Genetic Studies, 19-20 December 2018, Universitas Indonesia & WCS Indonesia Program – Margo Hotel, Depok
  2. Workshop: Implementation of Techniques Approach on Biodiverskripsi, 1-2 July 2018, Tambora Muda – Universitas Indonesia, Depok
  3. Training on Laboratory and Fieldwork Safety, 12 October 2010 at the James Cook University, Cairns
  4. Training on Senior First Aid on 26 October 2010 at the James Cook University, Cairns
  5. Training on the International Scientific Writing 22 – 25 October 2009, Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education of Indonesia at Makasar Golden Hotel South Sulawesi.
  6. Workshop: Identification and Publication of Smart Practice 19-20 May 2009, Decentralization Support Facility Eastern Indonesia (SOFEI), Makasar South Sulawesi.
  7. Short Course Training on Participatory, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PPM&E) Training Course 2-20 March 2009, Wageningen International, the Netherlands.
  8. Non-degree training on Laboratory Management, Central Laboratory of Life Sciences Brawijaya University Malang, 9 – 23 December 2008
  9. Short Course Training on Biosystematics of Vertebrate Animals, Biology Department Universitas Negeri Papua 5-7 September 2005
  10. Short Course Training on Participatory Conservation Planning Training, 24 May-2 June 2004 by Conservation Training Resources Center, BIOTROP Campus, Bogor, Indonesia. Block I was designed to describe the Policy in Natural Resources conservation and to introduce the participatory conservation planning followed by the application practice in Gede Pangrango National Park. At the end of the program participants divided in group and discuss about the findings in practical work together with the national park management. Block II was conducted at the Lore Lindu National Park at Central Sulawesi, where each group presented the results from their work at their home institution as implemented from theory in Block I.

2 thoughts on “Experiences

  1. Salam kenal dari Merauke…

    Perkenalkan saya salah seorang dosen junior prodi peternakan di Universitas Negeri Musamus Merauke, sangat-sangat menyukai web anda yang sederhana tapi sangat berbobot. Informasi dari hasil penulisan anda sangat membantu saya untuk lebih banyak mengetahui keragaman satwa yang ada di Papua.

    Sementara ini saya sedang menimba ilmu di pascasarjana IPB. Saya harap anda sebagai dosen senior dan berpengalaman di bidang peternakan di Papua, dapat membantu saya, apabila saya membutuhkan informasi seputar dunia peternakan di Papua khususnya.

    Saya harap dikemudian hari kita dapat bekerja sama, semoga dunia satwa dan peternakan di Papua dapat lestari dan berkembang.

    Terima Kasih

    Salam hangat

    Heny Vensye Saiya

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